"Long Islander" Marriages 1878-1900

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Underhill, William of Oyster Bay and Mason, Clara summer resident of Oyster Bay married 2 June 1886 at Cold Spring by Rev. Bake perhaps the William J. Underhill whose wedding reception was held 6 July 1886 at Oyster Bay

Underhill, William G. of Jericho, son of Samuel S. Underhill, and Robbins, Carrie J., daughter of Mrs. Sarah E. Robbins,, married 14 October 1894 at Jericho; Quaker ceremony

Unser, Frederick of Melville and Mason, Lillie C. of Melville married 23 December 1878 at Melville by Rev. L. C. Lockwood


Vail, E. Wright
of Washington Hollow, Dutchess County, New York, and Crossman, Iantha of New Haven, Connecticut, daughter of Jacob R. Crossman, married 1 December 1880 at 111 Madison Avenue, New York City, by Rev. Cobb of Millbrook, Dutchess County, New York

Valentine, Charles Post of Glen Cove and Laurie, Annie of Glen Cove, sister of Mrs. William H. Seaman, married 12 November 1895 at Glen Cove; Quaker ceremony

Valentine, G. A. and Stark, Louisa, daughter of James W. Stark, married 23 November 1898 at Northport

Valentine, G. W. and Tappen, Lottie, daughter of Alfred S. Tappen, married 9 June 1889 at Jericho

Valentine, Gilbert of Cold Spring and Nichols, Ida J. of Cold Spring married 13 February 1896 at Cold Spring by Rev. Judd

Valentine, Henry F. and Palmatier, Evangeline S. married 26 October 1887; Northport item

Valentine, I. Whitson of Cold Spring and Titus, Carrie of Cold Spring married 28 December 1881 at Cold Spring by Rev. Vogel

Valentine, Richard of North Hempstead and Jackson, Annie married "a few evenings ago" at Roslyn; 22 February 1884 paper

Valentine, Stephen J. of Woodbury and Newton, Ada A. of Huntington, daughter of Emmett B. Newton, married 24 November 1882 at Woodbury by Rev. Terry

Valentine, William of Westbury and Merritt, Mary of Merrick; Westbury item; 13 August 1887 paper

Van Amburg, I. J. and Titus, Mrs. Mary Coles, daughter of William H. Coles, married 15 December 1898 at Glen Cove by Rev. Gammack

Van Brunt, Allison J. of Brooklyn and Finlay, Kate G., niece of Mrs. J. N. Finlay of St. John's, Newfoundland, married 31 August 1883 at St. John's, Newfoundland

Van Brunt, Charles C. of Brooklyn and Cooper, Susie of Hempstead, daughter of John Cooper, married "last week" at Hempstead by Rev. Bovard; 19 December 1891 paper

Van Cott, Charles and "lady residing in Brooklyn" married 24 June 1896 at Brooklyn; Northport item

Van Cott, George D. and Douglas, Mary E., daughter of John Douglass, married 20 October 1897 at Cold Spring by Rev. Frederick Gunton

Van Dyke, William and Mullen, Mamie married 1 July 1894 by Rev. Fr. Fitzgerald

Van Huyck, John Phillips of Lee, Massachusetts, and Bennett, Elmira of Brooklyn, niece of Sara Maybee of Huntington, married 18 October 1899 at Brooklyn

Van Leeuwen, Joseph and Worth, Libbie, granddaughter of Rev. Worth of Sea Cliff, married 3 August 1892 at Winfield by Rev. Worth

Van Nostrand, "Conductor" and Appleford, Emma married 24 March 1897 by Rev. Gutweiler; Oyster Bay item

Van Nostrand, George of Farmingdale, son of Noah Van Nostrand, and Thompson, Jennie of Locust Valley married 4 January 1891 at Farmingdale by Rev. Blatz

Van Nostrand, George of [New] Hyde Park and Lowden, Lydia of East Meadow, daughter of Richard Lowden, married "last week" at East Meadow by Rev. Platt; 12 December 1891 paper

Van Nostrand, John of Hinsdale and De Mott, Annie of Hempstead, daughter of A. J. De Mott, married 17 June 1891 at Hempstead

Van Nostrand, Raymond and Hendrickson, Ella married 15 February 1896 at Farmingdale by Rev. Lounsbury

Van Orden, Joseph and Wood, Flora, daughter of Silas Wood, married 28 October 1900 at Cold Spring by Rev. Mitchell

Van Schaick, Edwin Jenkins of Huntington and Lomax, Sophia of Breinton, Hereford, England, daughter of Rev. J. J. Lomax, married 8 February 1890 at Hampstead, England

Van Schaick, John Broadhead, son of Jenkins Van Schaick, and Knowlton, Gertrude M., daughter of Denford Knowlton, married 12 January 1892 by Rev. Huntington

Van Schaick, Singleton, son of Jenkins Van Schaick, and Wood, Ida, daughter of Mrs. James R. Wood, married 15 April 1896 at New York City; Cold Spring item

Van Sise, C. Frederick of Huntington and Beattie, Addie M. of Huntington married 26 October 1881 at Huntington by Rev. I. E. Smith and Rev. S. K. Smith of Westville, Connecticut

Van Sise, Charles of Syosset, son of Edward Van Sise, and Husson, Florence H. of East Jamaica married 22 October 1884 at East Jamaica by Rev. R. D. Hard

Van Sise, Cornelius E. of Huntington and Chichester, Emma of West Hills married 24 January 1878 at West Hills by Rev. L. C. Lockwood

Van Sise, George of Manetto Hill and Simonson, Katie of Manetto Hill married at Manetto Hill by Rev. R. S. Putney; 3 October 1879 paper

Van Sise, George Edward of Syosset and Van Name, Ida Mosetta of Cold Spring, daughter of Garrett J. Van Name and granddaughter of Rev. William Harris, married 18 November 1896 at Cold Spring by Rev. Harris and Rev. Putnam

Van Sise, Israel of Woodbury, son of Clarence Van Sise, and Van Sise, Dorothy of Syosset, daughter of the late Alfred F. Van Sise and Mrs. S. V. Carnes, married 29 March 1899 at Syosset by Rev. Churchill of Woodbury

Van Sise, Israel W. of Woodbury and Smith, Elizabeth A. of Huntington Harbor married 19 February 1890 at Huntington Harbor by Rev. Masseck

Van Sise, James A. of Syosset and Colyer, Annie of Glen Cove, daughter of W. G. Colyer, married 29 April 1894 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Russell

Van Sise, Peter Ellsworth of Huntington and Palmer, Lottie May of Woodbury married 31 August 1892

Van Sise, William B. of Queens County and Jones, Emma L. of Huntington married 22 April 1894 at Huntington by Rev. Cox

Van Slokien, James of Hollis and Armstrong, Nellie of Mineola married 25 October 1893 by Rev. Davis

Van Vechten, Benjamin of Hicksville and Muller, Ella of Brooklyn married 11 January 1892 at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

Van Wagner, William of Locust Valley and Hall, Katie of Oyster Bay, daughter of Moses Hall, married 23 September 1891 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Dixon

Van Wicklen, David of Brooklyn and Ward, Mary Murrow of Centerport married 29 Novem- ber 1890 at St. James by Rev. Archdeacon

Van Wicklen, James of Brookville and Ludlam, Ella of Oyster Bay married 20 February 1879 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Johnson

Van Wicklen, John of Syosset and Lentz, Annie E. of East Meadow, daughter of G. Lentz, married 12 March 1889 at Syosset by Rev. Gilman

Van Wicklin, Henry and Mc Louglin, Lizzie married 16 July 1899 at Roslyn

Van Wort, Milton E. of Rocky Point and Mc Cormick, Ula L. of Newark, New Jersey, married 3 March 1886 by Rev. T. N. Benedict

Vanderbilt, George Arnold Smith of Northport and Ketcham, Louisa E. of Northport married 16 October 1890 at Comac by Rev. Dalziel

Vanderbilt, Joseph of Northport and Peters, Mrs. Mary P. of New York City married 2 July 1882 at New York City

Vanderveer, Edwin B. of Flatbush and Prince, Helen V. B. of Flatbush, daughter of John D. Prince, married 22 September 1887 at Flatbush by Rev. Wells of Dutch Reformed Church of Flatbush

Vanderwater, Rev. George Roe, rector of Christ Church, Oyster Bay, and Youngs, Cornelia Townsend, daughter of the late David J. Youngs, married 24 April 1879 at Oyster Bay

Varney, Nelson of Fair Ground and Cooper, Hattie of Cold Spring married 5 July 1899 at Cold Spring by Rev. Baker

Veal, Alfred of New York City and George, Hattie of New York City, daughter of Walter George and granddaughter of Mrs. Henry L. Gildersleeve, married 11 October 1899 at Cold Spring by Rev. Baker

Velsor, Alfred and un-named bride married 14 October 1886; Oyster Bay item
*Note: Sarah E. ------ per 1900 census, Town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County, N. Y.

Velsor, Clarence and Searing, Susie married 26 June 1886 at Glen Cove

Velsor, Elijah of Woodbury and Baylis, Nellie E. of Melville married 26 October 1886 at Melville by Rev. Cormack

Velsor, Eugene and Ketcham, Susie K., niece of N. Ketcham, married 1 June 1887; Farming-
dale item

Velsor, Frederick S. of Oyster Bay and Wright, Eugenia of Oyster Bay, daughter of Joseph B. Wright married 4 January 1899 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Wightman

Velsor, Furman W. of Cold Spring Harbor and Han[d]shaw, Mary E. of Northport married 27 February 1887 at Northport by Rev. Powell

Velsor, Herbert of Woodbury and Verity, Carrie E. of Cold Spring Harbor married 25 December 1898 at East Norwich by Rev. Scofield

Velsor, Howard S. and Brock, Mabel H., daughter of George H. Brock, married 22 June 1898 at Huntington by Rev. Carter

Velsor, Samuel and Griffin, Emma E., daughter of Abram Griffin. married 10 June 1897 by Rev. Matteson; Westbury item

Verhey, Dominique of Rotterdam, Holland, and Lewis, Ida of Oyster Bay married 28 December 1890 at Glen Cove by Rev. Lane

Verity, Charles H. of Baldwins and Smith, Iduella of Greenwich Point, daughter of Alexander Smith, married 13 January 1886 by Rev. Terry

Verity, Smith of Woodbury and Bogert, Lavinia of East Norwich married 1 March 1880 at East Norwich

Verity, Walter and De Veau, Anna married 16 November 1895; [Huntington] Harbor item

Verity, William and Appleford, Eva married "this week"; 12 March 1887 paper; Oyster Bay item

Vermilya, Irving of New York City and Sammis, Ida, daughter of Warren B. Sammis, married 23 March 1892 at Edgewater-on-the-Hudson, New Jersey, by Rev. Cotton

Vernon, Carman of East Norwich and Searing, Mary of Oyster Bay married 5 October 1881 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Wight[man]

Vernon, Townsend of East Norwich and Johnson, Elizabeth of Oyster Bay married 11 August 1897 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Washburn

Vernon, Lord William Venable and Lawrence, Fanny of Bay Shore, daughter of Francis Lawrence, married 14 July 1885 at London, England

Vesin, Charles and De Lamater, Adah, daughter of C. H. De Lamater, married 14 June 1883 by Rev. Pullman

Vetter, John of Queens and Peters, Rickie of Hicksville, daughter of August Peters, married 3 October 1894 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

Vogel, Frederick C. of Central Park and Lewis, Mrs. Andrew, widow of Andrew Lewis who died in 1889, daughter of Ferdinand Leo, and great-niece of Rev. Weisel, married 1 January 1896 by Rev. Matschat; Hicksville item

Vogel, Henry of New Durham [state not given] and Pester, Paula Martha of Glen Cove, daughter of Ernest Pester, married 1 June 1898 at Glen Cove by Rev. Gammack

Vogir, John of Payersava, Austria, and Bayer, Mary of Payersava, Austria, married 12 February 1882 at Northport by Justice Conklin

Voigt, Henry P., son of Charles G. Voigt, and Ruther, Mary, daughter of Peter Ruther, married 28 August 1898 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

Voigt, Jacob of Hicksville, son of Charles G. Voigt, and Quick, Emma of New York City married 19 December 1888 at New York City by Rev. Erhardt

Von der Luhe, A. C. F. formerly of Huntington and un-named bride married 19 May 1880; wedding reception held at Williamsburgh

Voorhees, Charles H. and Dillon, Alfaretta married 18 April 1894 at Huntington by Rev. Judd

Voorhees, Rev. Frank of Baiting Hollow and Kissam, Agnes of Greenlawn, daughter of S. S. Kissam, married 26 September 1900 at Greenlawn by Rev. Webster of New York City

Voorhes, Edward of Huntington and Skidmore, Lillie E. of Northport married 1 April 1894 at Northport by Rev. Saunders

Voorhes, Joseph of Northport and Conklin, Mrs. Phebe of Northport, widow of Alexander Conklin, married 20 February 1899 at Northport by Rev. Knesel

Voorhest, John of Syosset, son of Elbert Voorhest, and Titus, Alice W. of Jericho, daughter of William W. Titus, married 7 November 1894 at Jericho by Rev. Smock

Voorhis, Elmer and Smith, Laura married 13 October 1886 at Lower Melville

Vorhest, Frank W. of Syosset and Hicks, Daisy of Jericho, daughter of James K. Hicks, married 2 April 1893 by Rev. Russell