"Long Islander" Marriages 1878-1900
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Pahde, Frank of Hicksville and Johnson, Mary of Westbury married 29 June 1890 at Hempstead

Paine, Henry and Van Sise, Emma married 10 November 1886 at Syosset

Painter, Charles Chester and Velsor, Libbie, daughter of J. D. Velsor, married 27 November 1890 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Dickson
Note: Miss Velsor had been a teacher in Oyster Bay

Painter, John and Stacy, Lena married 27 June 1897 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Estes

Painter, Theodore and Velsor, Emma married [probably] 22 November 1899 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Washburn

Pairie, August and Pratt, Maggie married 19 June 1892; Westbury item

Parish, William Homer and O'Keefe, Anna Belle of Greenlawn married 30 July 1899 at Brooklyn

Parker, Edwin Clarke of New York City and Wood, Kathryn Lawrence, daughter of John Wood, married 19 September 1894 at Sea Cliff by Rev. Atkinson of New York City

Parker, John Gibson and Stewart, Gracie married 3 July 1890

Parker, John L. of Port Chester, New York, and Quinan, Josie A. of Port Chester, former resident of East Norwich, married 8 February 1899 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Fr. Belford

Parsons, Frank of Danbury, Connecticut, and Judd, Eva of Bethel, Connecticut, married 6 November 1895 at Bethel, Connecticut, by Rev. Judd of Huntington

Parsons, Frederick of Huntington and Noyes, Bessie of Havana, New Jersey, married 10 February 1895 at Huntington by Rev. Putnam

Partridge, Charles B., son of J. O. Partridge, and Smith, Mary Louise, daughter of Henry Frank Smith, married 26 September 1893 at Northport by Rev. Summers

Partridge, Clarence O., son of J. O. Partridge, and Bouton, Jessie, daughter of Samuel Bouton, married 31 May 1899 at Northport by Rev. Holden

Pausel, Augustus and Benjamin, Alice married 28 June 1899 at Northport by Rev. Knesel

Payne, Charles G. of Northport and Bloomer, Jessie B. of East Northport, daughter of S. R. Bloomer, married 4 May 1887 at Eaton's Neck by Rev. Powell

Payne, George W. formerly of Huntington and Furguson, Bella of New York City married 28 October 1883 at New York City by Rev. Fr. Fitzharris

Payne, John H. and Geary, Mamie F. married 8 October 1895 at New York City

Payne, Dr. Jonas and Howe, Lila married 24 June 1894 at Brooklyn, Smithtown item

Paynter, John D. of Oyster Bay and Jayne, Isabella of Huntington married 18 October 1882 at Huntington by Rev. F. C. Hill

Pearsall, Albert and Smith, Laura married "a few days ago"; 7 February 1891 paper; Hempstead item

Pearsall, Charles Edgar of Huntington and West, Mary A. of Huntington, daughter of William West, married 3 April 1881 at Huntington by Rev. Barrows

Pearsall, Ezra and Waterbury, Amelia formerly of Huntington married 19 May 1886 at Newark, New Jersey

Pearsall, Ezra and Randall, Mrs. Martha married 17 March 1895 by Rev. Lounsbury; Farmingdale item

Pearsall, Hiram B. of Oyster Bay and Sammis, Jennie of Oyster Bay married 29 April 1885 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Russell

Pearsall, William of Amityville and Brown, Carrie E. of Northport married 10 June 1884 at Northport by Rev. Barnhart

Peck, Rev. Carl and "un-named bride" returned from wedding tour; 13 July 1895 paper; Centerport item
Note: Rev. Peck was pastor of Centerport M. E. Church

Peck, Tallicott M. of Flushing and Nimmo, Florence of Flushing, daughter of W. H. D. Nimmo, married 4 May 1892 at New York City by Rev. Mc Ilvaine

Peckham, Charles D. of Cold Spring Harbor and Gardiner, Fannie M. of Cold Spring Harbor married 30 May 1893 at Cold Spring Harbor by Rev. Cox

Pedrick, Clinton V. B. of Smithtown Branch and Fuller, Lizzie M. of Riverhead married 20 June 1899 at Walcott, New York by Rev. Stevenson

Peets, Edward D. of Brooklyn and Mc Dougal, Elizabeth of Glen Cove, daughter of Alexander Mc Dougal, married 24 November 1897 at Glen Cove by Rev. Fr. Mc Enroe

Perkins, Harry and Miller, M. Elizabeth married 6 December 1892

Perkins, John H. of Riverhead, son of J. Henry Perkins, Suffolk County Treasurer, and Duryea, Emma L. of Babylon, daughter of Charles T. Duryea, married 3 March 1886 at Babylon by Rev. B. T. Abbott

Perkinson, Marion of New York City and Pidgeon, Madeline of Northport married 5 January 1888 at Northport by Rev. Cleveland

Peters, Rev. Joseph D. of Canajoharie, New York, and Mapes, Elizabeth of West Farms, New York, daughter of Daniel Mapes, married 23 November 1897 at West Farms by Rev. Madison C. Peters, of the Bloomingdale Reformed Church, Rev. Morgan A. Peters

Peters, Robert B. [*?] of Huntington and Johnson, Annie L. * of Huntington married 23 November 1880 at Huntington by Rev. Mc Coy

Peterson, Erik of South Norwalk, Connecticut, and Bishop, Mabel G. of Northport married 26 July 1898 at Huntington by Rev. Walter

Peterson, Hans Peter of Garden City and Johnson, Egidia of Garden City married at Hempstead by Rev. Bovard; 4 July 1891 paper

Pettit, Robert of Glen Cove and Hogan, Katie of Oyster Bay married 6 October 1886 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Father Crowley

Petty, Amasa A. of Newark, New Jersey, and Penderson, Lucy of Port Jefferson married 23 February 1890 at Port Jefferson

Petty, Oliver W. of Port Jefferson and Mott, Kitty, daughter of John and Abigail Mott; this was Kitty's 4th "marriage"; at the time she was legally married to her 3rd husband Lincoln Nugent, whom she married at age 15 on 27 August 1885 at Patchogue; see 24 January 1891 for an account of Kitty's various "marriages" and affairs

Pew, William of Utica, New York, and un-named bride; while on their honeymoon trip they visited Mr. and Mrs. John de St. Legier of Hicksville; 14 September 1895 paper

Pfeuster, Dr. of Hyde Park and Christ, Annie of Hyde Park married at Hyde Park by Rev. Hauber; Queens item; 23 November 1889 paper

Phillips, Herbert F. of Oyster Bay and Velsor, Minerva of Oyster Bay, daughter of Mrs. Dudley Velsor, married 15 December 1898 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Estes

Phillips, William H. of New York City and Williams, Ella Amelia of Huntington, daughter of George Williams, married 3 August 1878 at the bride's home, Huntington

Phiter, John and Schwartz, Lena, daughter of Joseph Schwartz, married 3 October 1900 at Huntington by Rev. Seem

Pidgeon, Charles and Cole, Edna May married "last week" at Northport by Justice Hendrickson; 4 July 1896 paper

Pidgeon, Edward L. of Northport and Johnson, Frankie L. of Northport married 14 March 1883 at Northport by Rev. Barnhart

Pidgeon, Lew and Wood, Mrs. of Brooklyn married "last week"; Northport item; 24 February 1894 paper

Pidgeon, Nelson L. of Northport and Cross, Lizzie R. of East Northport, daughter of Henry Cross, married 1 October 1890 at East Northport by Rev. Stansbury

Pierson, Caspar H. and Hudson, Lottie E., daughter of William Hudson, married 28 October 1884 at Greenlawn

Pierson, Silas H. of Newark, New Jersey, and Holberton, Mrs. Eva Maria Ackerly of Northport married 8 June 1880 at Stanhope, Sussex County, New Jersey, by Rev. J. J. Crane

Piguet, Dr. Samuel of Brooklyn and Mann, Laura of Syosset, daughter of George Mann, married 7 November 1900 at Syosset by Rev. Churchill of Woodbury

Pitterson, Matthias of Huntington and Anderson, Elina M. of Huntington married 30 March 1892 at Huntington by Rev. Cox

Place, Charles of Greenlawn, son of William Place, and Smith, Jennie of Greenlawn, daughter of Henry I. Smith, married 1 January 1899 at Huntington by Rev. Seem

Place, Edgar Sands formerly of Huntington and Woods, Mary Laura married 4 January 1894 at Boatsburgh, Pennsylvania
Note: Marriage location probably is Boalsburg, Centre County, Pennsylvania

Place, Edward of Northport and Baldwin, Carrie of South Dix Hills married 14 November 1894 at Commack by Rev. Robertson

Place, Edward B. and Brush, Phebe A., daughter of John R. Brush, married 7 April 1885 at West Hills by Rev. Jesse Brush of Saybrook, Connecticut

Place, Tredwell K. and Carll, Augusta C. married 26 November 1890

Planquette, Albert of Brooklyn and Rae, Elizabeth of Greenlawn, daughter of Alexander Rae, married 12 September 1899 at Greenlawn by Rev. Ellis

Platt, Walter B. of Smithtown and Gant, Lizzie of Bayonne, New Jersey, married 18 September 1899 at Bayonne, New Jersey

Pleines, Peter of New York City and Graf, Clara of Hicksville, daughter of Henry Graf, married 29 November 1899 at Hicksville by Rev. Fr. Fuchs

Polhemus, Mark of Brooklyn and Hartt, Hattie of Huntington married at Ross Street M. E. Church, Brooklyn, by Rev. Partridge; 9 February 1883 paper

Polk, Alexander and Marks, Minnie "one of the happy events of the week"; Comac item; 23 March 1889 paper

Pomeroy, William formerly of Huntington and Hooker, Miss married 25 June 1888 at Cottage, New York, a location near Buffalo

Poole, Charles H. and Pendleton, Frances, daughter of George H. Pendleton, married 12 October 1887 at Brooklyn

Porter, Rev. H. A. and un-named bride; on their "wedding trip"; 2 November 1883 and 9 November 1883 papers
Note: Rev. Porter was pastor of Smithtown Presbyterian Church

Porter, Ira of Albany, New York, and Eden, Clifford Kingsley of Huntington, daughter of Samuel Eden, married 27 April 1893 at Huntington by Rev. Turner

Post, Forrest of Farmingdale and Powell, Miss of Farmingdale, daughter of Henry Powell, married 24 October 1895 at Farmingdale by Rev. Lounsbury

Post, Harvey of Freeport, son of Mordecai R. Post, and Conklin, Mary Emma of Farmingdale, daughter of Andrew Conklin, married 12 October 1897 at Brooklyn by Rev. Crompton

Post, Seaman of Farmingdale and Duryea, Mary Ella of Melville married 20 May 1883 at Farmingdale by Rev. L. C. Lockwood

Post, Seaman of Farmingdale and Whitson, Ruth A. of West Hills married 23 February 1893 at Farmingdale by Rev. Stiehler

Post, Tracy of Merrick and Murphy, Nellie of Oyster Bay married 17 August 1898 at Oyster Bay by Justice Franklin

Post, Waldron Kintzing of New York City and Perkins, Mary Lawrence of Glen Cove, daughter of Mrs. Charles L. Perkins, married 27 October 1894 at Glen Cove by Rev. Robbins, Rev. Maxwell, and Rev. Preston

Post, William E. and Vooris, Carrie E., daughter of W. W. Vooris, married 18 November 1896 by Rev. Lounsbury; Farmingdale item

Potter, William T. of Washington, D. C. and Offer, Mamie J. of Shelter Island, daughter of George Offer, married 30 October 1889 at Shelter Island by Rev. Wiley

Powell, Benjamin A., son of R. G. Powell, and Beasley, Emma of Brooklyn married 14 March 1892 by Rev. Chadwick and Rev. Peck; Hempstead item

Powell, Charles, over 60 years of age, and Johnson, Almer, aged 15 years, married "a few days ago" at Hempstead; 14 September 1883 paper

Powell, Charles Henry of Westbury and Gass, Katie of Brooklyn married 20 December 1889 at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

Powell, Charles S. and Conklin, Ida married 4 March 1891 by Rev. Hand; Hempstead item

Powell, Frank and Parks, Ada married "recently"; Farmingdale item; 28 May 1887 paper

Powell, Fred B. of Amityville and Kissam, Delia of Huntington married 23 October 1888 at Huntington Harbor by Rev. Schofield

Powell, George Thomas of Glen Head and Mershon, Elsie Hoagland of Glen Head, granddaughter of Alfred Hoagland, married 5 October 1898 by Rev. Dr. Scudder of Brookville Reformed Church; Glen Cove item

Powell, Wilbur W. of Bay Shore, son of Rev. C. W. Powell, and Heath, Emily V. of Brooklyn, daughter of Joseph Heath, married 6 December 1886 at Brooklyn by Rev. Powell

Powers, George and un-named bride; Westbury item; 4 May 1889 paper

Powers, James of East Meadow, son of Bernard Powers, and De Mott, Laura of Hempstead married 4 November 1889

Pratt, Harry Park of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Wright, Elsie Shepard of Glen Cove,
daughter of Dr. Fred A. Wright, married 18 October 1899 at Glen Cove by Rev. Norris

Pratt, Herbert Lee summer resident of Glen Cove and Gibb, Florence of Brooklyn married 29 April 1897 at Brooklyn

Preston, Mr. and Van Ausdall, Eva of Providence, Rhode Island, formerly of Cold Spring, daughter of James Van Ausdall, married 6 December 1894

Price, Alexander B. and Mc Cracken, Isabella married 18 September 1892 at Comac by Rev. Dalziel

Priester, Charles of New Suffolk and Sammis, Estelle of Halesite, daughter of Capt. Joseph E. Sammis, married 26 November 1899 at Halesite by Rev. Seem

Prime, E. S. and Prime, Eva married 21 November 1883 at Huntington by Rev. Carter

Prime, Frank N. of Apollo, Pennsylvania, formerly of Huntington, and Beatty, Margaret of Blairsville, Pennsylvania, married 22 April 1891 at Blairsville, Pennsylvania, by Rev. Johnston

Prime, Theodore S. and Sammis, Hannah Maria, daughter of John D. Sammis, married 15 June 1882 at the home of the bride's parents [probably in Huntington]

Prime, William C. and Potter, Josephine married 14 May 1879 at Brooklyn by Rev. Frank Noble

Prince, Barton Cornell of Central Islip and Rhodes, Evelina of Central Park, daughter of Richard Rhodes, married 7 April 1897 at Central Park by Rev. Lounsbury

Prince, George and Jackson, Josie, daughter of Solomon S. Jackson, married 4 October 1888 at Jericho

Prince, L. Bradford of New Mexico and Childs, Hattie of New York City, daughter of S. Russell Childs, married 1 December 1879 at Brooklyn Heights by Rev. A. N. Littlejohn, Episcopal Bishop of Long Island

Prince, L. Bradford of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Beardsley, Mary Catherine Burckie of Oswego, New York, daughter of the late Samuel R. Beardsley, married 17 November 1881 at Trinity Church, New York City, by Bishop A. N. Littlejohn

Pruden, Charles Linne and Sherman, Amy St. Clair married 17 October 1899 at Huntington by Rev. Fr. York

Purcell, William of New York City and Doyle, Jennie of New York City, formerly of Huntington; 20 February 1892 paper

Purdy, Albert, son of Jesse Purdy, and Jarvis, Lottie V. of Melville, daughter of Jonathan Jarvis, married 10 November 1885 at Melville by Rev. Hallock of Farmingdale

Purdy, Albert C. of Huntington and Scudder, Susie M. of Huntington, daughter of John R. Scudder, married 19 April 1899 at Huntington by Rev. Seem

Purick, Julius, of Jersey City, New Jersey, son of Robert Purick of Hicksville, and Seifert, Rose of East New York married 5 February 1896 at Hicksville by Rev. Fr. Fuchs

Putnam, Rev. B. Van Vliet and Wightman, L. Ella of Westfield, New York, married 4 October 1882 at Westfield, New York; Rev. Putnam to be pastor in Huntington

Pynchon, William H. of Hartford, Connecticut, son of Rev. Dr. Thomas Pynchon, and Moyses, Carrie S. of Oyster Bay married 5 September 1896 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Pynchon and Rev. Washburn


Quaritius, Albert
and Fischer, Helen married 12 November 1899 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

Quatlander, Paul and Scudder, Ida, daughter of Mortimer Scudder, married 22 April 1894 at Centreport by Rev. Schoonhoven

Quinan, Michael of Westbury and Powers, Minnie of East Meadow, daughter of Samuel Powers, married 21 January 1891 at Westbury by Rev. Fr. Mc Cosker


Racket, Samuel
and Houghton, Mrs. Emma of Port Jefferson married 30 December 1888 at Jersey City, New Jersey

Radke, Oscar and Herbst, Lillie married 30 December 1888 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

Rae, Charles C. W. and Brush, Mary A. married 2 June 1880 at Greenlawn by Rev. E. Brown

Rainey, Charles T. of Connelsvile, Pennsylvania, and Brown, Helen L. of Hempstead, daughter of Samuel E. Brown, married 8 July 1891 at Hempstead by Rev. Moore

Ralston, David A. of Greenlawn and Wood, Emily of Greenlawn, daughter of David Wood, married 27 March 1878 at Greenlawn by Rev. I. B. Smith

Randall, Edward A. of Staten Island and George, Belle, daughter of Samuel George, married 30 November 1897 at Huntington by Rev. Putnam

Randall, Joseph H. of Oyster Bay and Smith, Adelia of East Patchogue, daughter of Nathaniel Smith, married 1 January 1896 at East Patchogue by Rev. Colton

Randolph, Frank N. of Rochester, New York, and Gove, Mrs. Allie Huntington of Oyster Bay, daughter of Randolph Huntington, married 15 March 1894 at New York City by Rev. Huntington

Ranftle, Augustus H. of Long Island City and Burr, Estella F. of Commack, daughter of James Burr, married 16 October 1895 at Commack by Rev. Crane
Note: Groom's surname also give as Remply

Rannenberg, H. W. of Chicago, Illinois, and Unitt, Tillie of Hicksville married 21 March 1884 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

Rassmussen, Henry of Glen Cove and Bjorsted, Marie of Sweden married 8 November 1890 at Glen Cove

Rathburn, Louis G. of Elmira, New York, and Benjamin, Marie of Riverhead, daughter of R. H. Benjamin, married 24 December 1885 at Riverhead by Rev. Chalmers

Rausch, John of Long Swamp and Kholt, Theresa; 19 August 1893 paper; Rausch was legally married at the time to his first wife, who had previously eloped to New Jersey with Adam Schwab; the first Mrs. Rausch had Rausch arrested for bigamy after she heard the news of his marriage to Theresa Kholt.

Rauthaug, Christian of New York City and Spieler, Emily of Cold Spring, daughter of Mrs. John Wolfert, married 20 September 1899 at Cold Spring by Rev. Baker

Rave, Dr. Adolph G. of New Hyde Park, son of Dr. E. G. Rave, and Kiefer, Elizabeth of New Hyde Park, daughter of Christopher Kiefer, married 9 December 1894 at Elmont by Rev. Budenhauser

Rave, Edward W. P., son of Dr. E. G. Rave, and Reinhold, Julia of Hicksville, daughter of John Reinhold, married 9 December 1900 by Rev. Buttenhauser of Elmont

Raynor, Mr. of Smithtown and Hawkins, Gussie E. of Smithtown Landing married 10 January 1893 at Smithtown Landing by Rev. Morehouse

Raynor, C. Russell of Westhampton and Webber, Pauline of New York City married 15 July 1898 at Westhampton

Raynor, David and Lewis, Cassie married 21 March 1878 at the Methodist Episcopal Church, Huntington

Raynor, G. Edwin and Wansor, Emma married 24 October 1894 at Glen Cove by Rev. Aston

Raynor, George of Brooklyn and Offer, Lottie of Shelter Island married at Brooklyn; 14 April 1894 paper

Raynor, James L. of Manorville and Hawkins, Jennie M. of Smithtown Landing married 24 June 1896 at Smithtown Landing by Rev. Simpson

Raynor, John T. of Freeport and Sowden, Lottie of Plain View, daughter of Mrs. William H. Duryea, married 3 January 1894 at Farmingdale by Rev. Steihler

Raynor, Walter of Baldwins and Smith, Annie W. of Freeport, daughter of Zophar Smith, married 11 April 1888 at Baldwins by Rev. Terry

Reardon, John and Birmingham, Annie of Oyster Bay married 15 April 1894 by Rev. Ellwood

Recht, Mr. "of Broadway" and un-named bride married by Rev. Matschat; Hicksville item; 12 March 1887 paper

Reeve, Leverett A. of Riverhead and Hall, Louise of Locust Valley, daughter of George H. Hall, married 22 November 1899 at Locust Valley by Rev. Caswell of Glen Cove M. E. Church

Reeves, Andrew of Northport and Bishop, May of Northport, daughter of Jonah Bishop, married 30 November 1899 at Northport by Rev. Ellis

Reeves, Daniel of Upper Mills and Gaviston, Miss married 7 July 1887 at Riverhead

Reichert, George L. of New York City, son of Col. Charles G. Reichert, and Uhl, Mary of New York City married 15 October 1895

Reichmann, Martin E. of New York City and Schwarz, Minnie of Melville, daughter of Rev. Philip A. Schwarz, married 1 June 1892 at Melville by Rev. Schwarz

Reilly, James of Westbury and Reardon B. of Westbury married 24 February 1889 at Hempstead by Rev. Fr. Mc Cusker

Reinhard, Frank and un-named bride married "recently"; Hicksville item; probably 8 January 1898 paper
Note: This paper was badly torn; date of issue was not clear

Remply, Augustus H. and Burr, Estella F.
Note: See Ranftle, Augustus H.

Remsen, August and Duryea, Minnie married "last week" at East Norwich by Rev. Norton; Jericho item; 20 July 1889 paper

Remsen, Frank A. of Oyster Bay and Carpenter, Mary A. of Sea Cliff, daughter of Thomas J. Carpenter, married 13 March 1896 at Sea Cliff by Rev. Russell

Remsen, Garret of Oyster Bay and Docherty, Mrs. Thomas of Oyster Bay married "about 2 months ago"; Thomas Docherty had disappeared and was assumed to be dead; he re-appeared following his wife's re-marriage; she plans to divorce Docherty and re-marry Remsen; 28 November 1884 paper

Remsen, John E. of East Norwich and Baylis, Annie E., daughter of Mrs. E. M. Baylis, married 19 July 1896 at East Norwich by Rev. Scofield

Remsen, Morris H. of Queens and Denton, Luelia of Woodsburgh married 25 January 1893

Renne, Henay of Hicksville and Weis, Mathilda of Hicksville married 18 March 1890 at Hicksville by Rev. Pohlman

Rennie, William W., of Edinburgh, Scotland, and Lennon, Katherine Rhoda married 14 April 1898 by Rev. John F. Quinn

Rennison, Thomas of New Cassel and Mc Lin, Annie of Westbury Station married 13 September 1896 at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

Requa, Aitkin F. of Cold Spring Harbor and Van Ausdall, Blanche of Cold Spring Harbor, daughter of George Van Ausdall, married 25 January 1898 by Rev. Minot F. Savage of the Church of the Messiah, New York City

Requa, Samuel and Beare, Carrie married; a "surprise to their friends"; Woodbury item; 29 November 1890 paper

Rhodes, Frank of Commack and Hubbs, Lucy J. of Central Islip, daughter of Platt R. Hubbs, married 17 September 1896 by Rev. Simpson

Rhodes, Ira Bedell of Hempstead and Pearsall, Maud of Rockville Centre married 1 February 1891; Hempstead item

Rick, J. William and Smith, Carrie Louise, daughter of Samuel O. Smith, married 26 March 1885 at Nissequogue by Rev. Porter

Rider, Frank R. of Jamaica and Rushmore, Annie L., daughter of James D. Rushmore, married 6 October 1897 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Washburne

Rider, Dr. J. E. of Jamaica and De Bevoise, Gertrude of Queens, daughter of H. De Bevoise, married 21 September 1893

Rider, James and Burgess, Anna formerly of Glen Cove married 6 April 1896 at Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, by Rev. Clark

Riker, Joseph F. of Oceanside and Miller, Margaret A. of Baldwins, daughter of Jeremiah Miller, married 11 January 1888 at Baldwins by Rev. Terry

Rinne, Ernest of Hicksville and Baumiller, Freda of Hicksville married 28 November 1899 at Farmingdale

Ripley, Sidney Dillon and Hyde, Miss, daughter of H. B. Hyde, married 14 October 1885 at Bay Shore

Roache, Dr. James A. and Mc Laughlin, Laura of Brooklyn married 25 October 1899 at Brooklyn

Robbins, Albert G. of Long Island City and un-named bride married "recently"; they were given a wedding reception at the home of John Mc Pherson of Roslyn; 11 June 1891 paper

Robbins, Rowland and Woods, Grace married "last week"; Greenlawn item; 2 April 1892 paper

Robbins, Simeon T.
of Northport and Etsell, Annie E. of Huntington married 1 May 1881 at Northport by Rev. Beech

Robbins, Ulysses N. of Northport and Waite, Eva May of Northport married 24 June 1896 at Northport by Rev. Adams

Robertoff, Alexander H. and Payne, Charlotte, daughter of John H. Payne, late of Huntington, married 15 September 1883 at Bar Harbor, Maine, by Rev. O'Rielly

Robertson, Andrew Bryant and Rogers, Josephine Phebe married 4 October 1892 at Dix Hills by Rev. Dalziel

Robertson, Charles and Sammis, Annie, niece of Charles Sammis of Huntington, married 29 June 1898 at Brooklyn

Robertson, Charles E. of Northport and Burr, Ruth A. of Commack, daughter of George W. Burr, married 1 August 1897 at Commack by Rev. Stansbury

Robertson, Frederick S. of Greenlawn and Valentine, Nellie L. of Northport married 15 July 1894 at Northport by Rev. Saunders

Robertson, William and Barrows, Mary Isabella, daughter of Rev. N. Barrows, married 4 November 1890 at Short Hills, New Jersey, by Rev. Barrows
Note: Rev. N. Barrows had earlier been rector of St. John's Episcopal Church, Huntington

Robinson, Richard* and Allen, Virginia* married 24 December 1890 at Huntington by Rev. Berry of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Robinson, William and Floyd-Jones, Jennie, daughter of William Floyd-Jones, married 9 November 1880 at South Oyster Bay

Roe, Frederick W. and Kirby, Sarah L. married 13 September 1894 at Huntington Harbor by Rev. Putnam

Roe, John P. and Walters, Mrs. Frances Emily, daughter of Mrs. Sarah Bunce, married 28 December 1896 at Cold Spring Harbor by Rev. Cox

Roe, William and Hadden, Etta married 24 November 1892; Central Park item

Roe, Winfield C. of Huntington and Smith, Florence N. of Huntington married 9 October 1881 at Huntington by Rev. Ambler

Rogers, Camillus P. of Huntington and Horton, Minnie A. of Huntington, daughter of Dr. H. B. Horton, married 11 October 1878 at Maspeth by Rev. C. B. Ellsworth

Rogers, Edward A. of New York City and Ketcham, Edna S. of Fresh Pond married 27 December 1882 at Fresh Pond by Rev. Brown

Rogers, Francis N. of New York City and Soper, Mrs. Frances O. of Dix Hills married 6 June 1887 at Dix Hills by Rev. Barnhardt

Rogers, Frank P. and Sammis, T. Esther married 22 December 1887 at West Neck by Rev. Carter

Rogers, Frank W. and Banks, Mary O., daughter of G. B. Banks, married 3 April 1888 at Huntington by Rev. Mc Dougall and Rev. Carter

Rogers, Gilbert W. of Fresh Pond and Ackerly, Phebe A. of East Northport, daughter of Mrs. Theresa Ackerly, married 19 October 1893 at East Northport by Rev. Saunders

Rogers, Henry M. of Jersey City, New Jersey, and Wilson, May E. of Huntington, granddaughter of Henry Sammis, married 25 April 1895 at Huntington by Rev. Judd

Rogers, Herman F. and Brock, Cora married 11 October 1893 at Huntington by Rev. Ketcham

Rogers, Isaac W. formerly of Cold Spring and Taylor, Ella of Mendota, Illinois, married 6 November 1878 at Mendota, Illinois

Rogers, James of Brooklyn and Blyman, Emma of Hicksville, daughter of Joseph Blyman, married 2 June 1895 at Hicksvile by Rev. Gutweiler

Rogers, Louis E. of Huntington and Seacord, Mary of Huntington married 10 October 1883 at Huntington by Rev. Carter

Rogers, Oliver B. and Jones, Melissa married 27 November 1884 at Cold Spring by Rev. Adam Fawcett

Rogers, Theodore H. of Hoboken, New Jersey, and Mc Giehan, Mary J. of Ramapo, New Jersey, married 21 October 1883 at New York City by Rev. Rylance

Rogers, Thomas B. of Northport and Norton, Jennie M. of Stony Brook, daughter of Charles E. Norton, married 9 January 1884 at Stony Brook by Rev. S. F. Johnson

Rogers, Thomas Henry of Elwood and Valentine, Grace W. of West Hills, daughter of David S. Valentine, married 14 November 1894 at West Hills by Rev. Scofield

Rogers, William Edgar of Washington, D. C. and Fowler, Susie J. of Washington, D. C. married 24 May 1888 at Baltimore, Maryland, by Rev. Baer

Rollings, Frank M. of Massachusetts and Currier, Zelia J. of Haverhill, Massachusetts, married 28 July 1892 at Garden City by Bishop Littlejohn

Rolph, Phillips of Sparta, Virginia, and un-named bride; visited Huntington on their wedding tour; 22 October 1887 paper

Roosevelt, Robert B. and Hamersly, Lillie Oldfield, daughter of Lewis Randolph Hamersly, married 26 October 1898 at New York City by Rev. Prescott

Roosevelt, Theodore and Carow, [Edith] K[ermit], daughter of Charles Carow, married 2 December 1886 at London, England
Note: Future President and First Lady of the United States

Ross, John and Robinson, Alice E., daughter of Charles E. Robinson. married 17 January 1883 at Centre Moriches by Rev. H. B. Holmes

Ross, William Henry* and Mitchell, Gussie* married 20 April 1890 at Northport

Rouse, Benjamin and Hendrickson, Mary, sister of Mrs. B. S. Smith of Jericho, married 14 November 1888 at Brooklyn

Rowehl, Charles of Plain Edge and Fisher, May of Hicksville, daughter of H. Fisher, married 16 February 1896 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

Rowehl, Henry of Wantagh and Gaenger, Freda of Wantagh married 7 March 1897 at Wantagh by Rev. Matschat

Rowland, Edwin of Sunken Meadow and Buffett, Mary A. of Fresh Pond marred 12 April 1882 at Northport by Rev. Woodruff

Rowland, Everett of Miller's Place and Smith, Emily T. of Mt. Sinai married 21 May 1882 at Miller's Place

Rowland, Gilbert P. of Northport and Smith, Mary E. of Fort Salonga married 3 August 1896 by Rev. Stansbury

Rowland, John of Mt. Sinai and Strong, Lelia of Middle Island married 29 December 1886 at Middle Island

Roxby, James and Rosencranz, Jennie R. married 22 January 1889 at Plainview by Rev. Gutweiler

Roy, George formerly of Cold Spring Harbor and Rollins, Mabel of Brooklyn married 17 November 1897 at Brooklyn

Ruger, Joseph and Pasker, Mamie, daughter of Adolph Pasker, married 29 October 1889 at Hicksville by Rev. Fr. Fuchs

Ruland, Charles F. of Old Fields and Griffin, Mary A. married by Justice Pierson; bastardy case; ordered by the Overseers of the Poor; 29 December 1882 paper

Ruland, Harry of New York City and Hendrickson, Mary of Huntington, daughter of J. M. Hendrickson, married 22 October 1884 at Huntington by Rev. W. W. Knox of Bayonne, New Jersey, formerly of Huntington

Ruland, Wallace W. and Rogers, Flora A. married 22 June 1887 at Huntington by Rev. Carter

Ruland, William F. of Ozone Park and L'Hommedieu, Clara A., daughter of William L'Hommedieu, married 11 June 1891 at Smithtown by Rev. Smith

Rulon, George of Huntington and Shanks, Katie of Huntington married 31 March 1884 at Huntington by Rev. Fawcett

Rulon, William of Huntington and Hall, Anna M. of Huntington married 3 November 1881 at Huntington by Rev. Carter and Rev. Knox

Rushmore, Elbert, son of James D. Rushmore, and Mills, Mary, daughter of James Mills, married 23 October 1895 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Washburn

Rushmore, Harry S. and Carter, Julia A. married 24 November 1896 at Huntington by Rev. Carter and Rev. Carter

Rushmore, Richard and Payne, Alice of Jericho married 16 December 1891 at Woodbury

Rushmore, Stuart H. of New York City and Sutton, Nellie S. married 14 October 1885 at Huntington Harbor by Rev. T. H. Birch of New York City

Russell, Charles Howland, son of C. H. Russell, and Potter, Jane, daughter of Bishop Potter, married "a few days" ago; Miss Potter has been one of the managers of the Holiday House at Miller's Place; Port Jefferson item; 17 May 1890 paper

Rust, George and Robbins, Clara D. married "recently"; Clara had married Washington Conklin on 12 June 1871, when she was 13 years old; Conklin was married at the time and soon disappeared; Clara moved to East New York, Kings County, where she married Rust; she made a petition in the Brooklyn Supreme Court to annul her marriage to Washington Conklin; Smithtown item; 22 May 1885 paper

Ruther, Rudolph of Brooklyn, son of Peter Ruther of Hicksville, and Voigt, Johanna of Hicksville, daughter of Charles G. Voigt, married 16 February 1896 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

Ryan, Mr. and Brush, Jennie, daughter of Luther N. Brush, married 14 December 1898 at Brooklyn

Ryan, Edward D. of New York City and Baldwin, Olive of Smithville, daughter of Conklin Baldwin, married 12 August 1885 at Smithville by Rev. T. M. Terry

Ryan, John S. of Centre Island and Cody, Margaret of Oyster Bay, daughter of James and Catherine Cody, married 24 January 1897 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Fr. Belford