"Long Islander" Marriages 1878-1900

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Nash, Edward F. of Northport and Jones, Emma A., niece of Francis Allaire of Brooklyn, married 26 July 1899 at Brooklyn by Rev. Holden of Northport

Neafsey, Dr. T. F. formerly of Glen Cove, son of John Neafsey, married Winters, Miss of Sea Cliff "a year ago"; 12 October 1900 paper; Glen Cove item

Negley, William of Eagle Pass, Texas, and Jones, Susan Maria of Huntington, daughter of Samuel W. Jones, married 6 October 1885 at Huntington by Rev. Barrows

Nelis, Frank of Greenlawn and Bryant, Nellie of East Northport married 5 August 1883 at Northport by Rev. Edwin Brown

Nelson, Jerry and Suzer, Maria C. married 7 July 1890 at Northport by Justice Strawson

Nenninger, Gottleib and Pasker, Katie married 28 April 1891 at Hicksville by Rev. Fr. Fuchs

Neuninger, William and Kohler, Mrs. Mary married 28 February 1892 at Hicksville by Rev. Fr. Fuchs

Nevins, Fred and Hartt, Belle, daughter of Capt. C. Aaron Hartt, married 7 November 1898 at Brooklyn by Rev. Breed

Newman, Charles of Cold Spring Harbor and Gardiner, Mamie of Cold Spring Harbor married 1 January 1883 at Cold Spring Harbor by Rev. F. C. Hill

Newins, George W. of Northport ans Wicks, Addie E. of Northport married 7 November 1881 at Northport by Rev. Beach

Newins, H. S. and O'Donnell, Hattie married "this week"; 12 March 1886 paper; Northport item

Newton, [ - ? - ] M. of Setauket and Terry, Adelia May of Terryville, daughter of Samuel J. Terry, married 25 December 1888 by Rev. Terry

Newton, Clarence and Van Cott, Etta married 20 October 1889 at Northport by Rev. Stansbury

Newton, Edwin L. and Conklin, Phebe A. married 30 December 1890

Newton, Emmett B. of Huntington and Hall, [Mrs.] Jeannette V[elsor] of Huntington married 11 October 1893 at Huntington

Newton, Harry J. and Smith, Mrs. Geneva married 1 December 1897 at Smithtown Branch by Rev. C. O. Gray

Newton, Herbert and Brush, "Gassie" or "Gussie" [Charlotte Augusta], [daughter of Egbert Brush] married [2 June 1881] at Smithtown; 24 June 1881 paper

Newton, John C. and Brown, Hattie married 27 May 1888 at Baiting Hollow by Rev. Parmlee

Newton, John W. and Roe, Emma Byrd of Patchogue married 1 June 1880 at Patchogue by Rev. John H. Prescott of Sayville

Newton, Josiah of Stony Brook and Farley, Amelia of Stony Brook married 20 March 1881 at Stony Brook by Rev. Jones

Nichols, Alfred C. and Wood, Carrie E. married 23 May 1894 at Northport by Rev. Saunders

Nichols, Franklin of Cold Spring and Hill, Elizabeth Eva of Oyster Bay, daughter of Emil Hill, married 6 October 1897 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Washburn

Nichols, Gideon of Brooklyn and Bigot, Mary J. of Brooklyn married 8 February 1885 at Brooklyn by Rev. J. L. Streeter

Nichols, Henry of Commack and Brush, Emily A. of Commack married 31 December 1895 at Commack by Justice Smith

Nichols, Jesse C. and Arthur, Katie M. married 10 August 1890

Nichols, John and Brill, L. May, daughter of Frank Brill, married 28 October 1891 at Hempstead

Nichols, Stephen B. of Brooklyn and Cheshire, Laura A. of Huntington married 2 December 1878 at Brooklyn

Nichols, William L. of New York City and Rulon, Sarah E. of Huntington married 19 June 1887 at Huntington by Rev. Putnam

Nichols, William S. of Brooklyn and Van Ausdall, Mabel of Cold Spring, daughter of Foster Van Ausdall, married 15 April 1896 at Cold Spring Harbor by Rev. Cox

Nicholson, Alexander of Brooklyn and Paul, Anna of Brooklyn, formerly of Hicksville, daughter of the late Charles Paul, married 30 June 1897 at Brooklyn by Rev. Loch

Nicholson, G. J. Gutherie and Elliott, Sallie Duncan married 4 November 1897 at New York City; Westbury item

Nicholson, Peter and Fanning, Mary married 12 November 1895 at Roman Catholic Church, Glen Cove

Nicoll, Henry of Islip and Maltby, Augusta, daughter of Ellsworth P. Maltby, married 6 October 1880 at New York City by Rev. Arthur Brooks of the Church of the Incarnation

Nicoll, William G. of Islip and Cornwell, Kate M. of Elizabeth, New Jersey, married 24 October 1878 at Elizabeth, New Jersey, by Rev. Stevens Parker

Nimmo, Elijah, son of Capt. W. H. D. Nimmo, and Harvey, Lillian married 8 November 1899

Nordeman, Dr. and Coleman, Miss married 30 December 1891 at Metropolitan Opera House, New York City; "grand wedding"; Hempstead item

Norris, George of East Neck and Stanton, Annie of Huntington married 12 October 1881 at Huntington by Justice Street

Norton, Ambrose W. of Mt. Sinai and Norton, Hattie of Mt. Sinai, daughter of Jehiel Norton, married 16 March 1889 at Mt. Sinai by Rev. Hazeltine

Norton, Charles A. and Deasy, Annie A. married "last week" by Rev. Fr. O'Reilly of Glen Cove; 28 January 1899 paper; Glen Cove item

Norton, Eliot of New York City and Meyers, Margaret P. of Oyster Bay, daughter of George A. Meyers and sister-in-law of Frances T. Underhill, married 2 September 1890 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Washburn

Norton, Capt. Joel of New Haven, Connecticut, and Morrell, Amelia of Mt. Sinai married at New Haven, Connecticut; 3 December 1880 paper

Norton, John of Oyster Bay and Currid, Agnes of Danbury, Connecticut, married 16 August 1899 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Fr. Belford

Norton, Herbert L. of New York City, formerly of Northport, and Corning, Maude B. of Hempstead, formerly of Northport, daughter of W. B. Corning, married 14 April 1897 at Hempstead

Norton, William of Mt. Sinai and Rogers, Adelia B. of Rocky Point married 15 January 1889 at Rocky Point by Rev. Hazelton

Nostrand, Jacob T. of Glen Cove and Barney, Sarah M. of Huntington married at Huntington by Rev. I. E. Smith; 27 May 1881 paper

Nostrand, John Hewlett of Woodbury and Colyer, Mary Rosetta of Woodbury, daughter of Richard C. Colyer, married 28 March 1900 at Woodbury by Rev. Churchill

Nugent, Lincoln and Mott, Kitty, age 15 years, daughter of John and Abigail Mott, married 27 August 1885 at Patchogue; this was Kitty's 3rd marriage; she married 1st at age 13 to George Gregory of Rockville Centre; shortly afterwards she married Frank Fox; soon both men divorced her; after her marriage to Lincoln Nugent, she eloped with John Dean, a mixed Indian-Negro; the couple ended up in Baltimore, Maryland; Kitty returned to Long Island and lived with James Pertill of Comac; was a "pet" of John Allen of Floral Park; entered into a 4th marriage with Oliver W. Petty of Port Jefferson, while still legally married to Nugent; see 24 January 1891 paper for the details on Kitty's various "marriages"

Nugent, Thomas of Wyandance and "un-named bride" of Amityville married 20 January 1889

Nungezer, Harry of Brooklyn and Coger, Mamie of Brooklyn, summer resident of Huntington, daughter of George W. Coger, married 6 November 1889 at Brooklyn

Nye, Harry of Huntington, former resident of Ohio, and Jones, Sadie of Huntington married 6 August 1896 at Huntington by Rev. Putnam


Oakley, Charles Ferris of Oyster Bay Cove, son of J. W. K. Oakley, and Wright, Aurelia Townsend, daughter of Joseph B. Wright, married 2 November 1898 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Wightman

Oakley, George W. of Brooklyn and Campbell, Emma M. of Brooklyn, daughter of Joseph W. Campbell, married 8 June 1880 at Brooklyn by Rev. M. C. B. Oakley of Huntington

Oakley, George W. and Thompson, Emily B., daughter of Daniel Thompson, married 20 January 1881 at Northport by Rev. Oakley and Rev. Woodruff

Oakley, P. Hanford and Fraleigh, Mary Anna, sister of Charles P. Fraleigh, married 19 June 1879 at West Orange, New Jersey, by Rev. M. C. B. Oakley

Oakley, Thomas W. of Hicksville and Boda, Emma J. of New Rochelle, New York, married 26 January 1898

Ohl, George A. of Newark, New Jersey, and Mc Alister, Jennie of Newark, New Jersey, niece of D. C. Cannon of Smithtown Branch, married 13 May 1888 at Smithtown Branch by Rev. Smith

Oishei, Aaron Achille Joseph and Robins, Minnie S. married 20 November 1892 by Rev. Livingston

Oldrin, O. J. E. of New York City, formerly of Sea Cliff, and Corne, Mary Rhoda or Corning, New York, married 4 January 1898 at Corning, New York

Olmstead, H. of Brooklyn and Hicks, Ida, granddaughter of Jackson Powell, married 24 April 1889 at Brooklyn

O'Neill, Frank of Cold Spring Harbor and Waters, Ellen of Oyster Bay, daughter of Peter Waters, married 16 February 1896 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Fr. Belford

Ortt, John of Port Jefferson and Ketcham, Frances of Commack married 18 November 1900 at Commack by Rev. Ellis

Osborne, Rev. Conover S. of Chester, New Jersey, and Pierson, May of Greenlawn, daughter of Homer C. Pierson, married 7 November 1894 at Greenlawn by Rev. Putnam

Oswald, Joseph and Rave, Lillian, daughter of Dr. Edward G. Rave, married 10 November 1897 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

O'Swan, John of Fresh Pond and Pearson, Caroline of Fresh Pond married 24 December 1890 by Rev. Stansbury
Note: Called "Swedish residents" in the Northport column

Ottenger, Jacob Frederick and Sisum, Emma Ann married 1 November 1898 by Rev. Ray; West Hills item

Overton, Lewis of Peconic and Maverick, Hattie of Greenlawn married 23 June 1899 at Huntington
Note: marriage soon ended and bride returned to her mother; see 9 September 1899 paper