"Long Islander" Marriages 1878-1900

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Jackson, Edgar
of Wantagh and Miller, Lina of Central Park married 24 November 1897 at Central Park

Jackson, Edward and Ballton, Mary A. married 22 October 1890

Jackson, Frank D. of Northport and Ketts, Louise of Trenton, New Jersey, married at Trenton, New Jersey; Northport item, 30 January 1897 paper

Jackson, George W. of Fair Ground and Van Sise, Martha B. of Syosset, daughter of Andrew Van Sise, married 20 April 1898 at Syosset by Rev. Churchill

Jackson, James H. of Baldwins and Eldred, Mary of Baldwins, daughter of Samuel Eldred, married 31 May 1885 at Baldwins by Rev. Terry

Jackson, John [*] of Jericho and Harris, Lizzie [*] of Jericho married 29 May 1889 at Syosset by Rev. McCook

Jackson, M. Franklin and Jackson, Annie, daughter of Ansel T. Jackson, married 10 October 1894 at Jericho in a Quaker marriage ceremony

Jagger, Dr. Archer W. of Flushing and Townsend, Mary E. of Glen Head, daughter of George H. Townsend, married 31 May 1897 at Glen Head by Rev. Matteson

Jahn, Mr. of Farmingdale and Hugler, Miss of Lindenhurst married 26 April 1896 at Massapequa by Rev. Wiely

Jaisle, Stephen of Farmingdale and Kennedy, Emma J. of Farmingdale, daughter of James Kennedy, married 6 February 1898 at Farmingdale by Rev. Lounsbury

James, Frederick formerly of Cold Spring and Eustace, Kate W. of Rochester, New York, married 12 February 1890 at Rochester, New York; couple visited Mr. James' father in Cold Spring on their wedding trip

James, James H. [*?] of East Norwich and Germain, Ellen [*?] of New Bern, North Carolina, married 10 October 1899 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Le Chai

James, Stephen of Oyster Bay and Johnson, Mrs. Bernice of Cold Spring Harbor married 4 June 1894 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Washburn

James, William Z. of East Williston and Smith, Cora of Mineola, daughter of George Smith, married 23 December 1890 at Hempstead

Jarvis, Benjamin and Wood, Amy, daughter of O. E. Wood, married 16 November 1892 at Port Jefferson by Rev. Shackelton

Jarvis, D. Carll of Melville and Smith, S. Annie of Melville, daughter of Ezra Smith, married 26 November 1884 at Melville by Rev. L. C. Lockwood

Jarvis, Edward of Huntington and Stevens, Josephine of Huntington married 11 January 1879 at Huntington by Rev. W. W. Knox

Jarvis, Frank of West Hills and Van Sise, Bertha of Syosset, daughter of Mrs. S. V. Carnes, married 25 March 1896 at Syosset by Rev. Estes

Jarvis, George D. and Allen, Annie married 5 July 1891 at Cold Spring Harbor by Rev. Marsland

Jarvis, Grant of Centreport and Collard, Lillian of Northport, daughter of Mrs. William Raynor, married 3 June 1896 at Northport by Rev. Adams

Jarvis, Hubert of Winstead, Connecticut, formerly of Huntington and Crossman, May of Winstead, Connecticut, daughter of Stephen Crossman, married 14 July 1898 at Winstead, Connecticut

Jarvis, Irving of Huntington and Gildersleeve, Bertha of Northport married 31 October 1894 at Northport by Rev. Saunders

Jarvis, John of Huntington and Oakley, Bert of Amityville, daughter of George W. Oakley, married 18 November 1896 at Amityville

Jarvis, Joseph of Plainview, son of Whitson Jarvis, and Van Sise, Ruth of Syosset, daughter of Mrs. S. V. Carnes, married 29 November 1893 at Syosset by Rev. Tranmer

Jarvis, Philetus and Braughton, Miss of Bay Shore married 30 May 1893

Jarvis, Townsend [*?] and Titus, Sarah [*?] married 25 December 1878 at Huntington by Rev. Mc Coy

Jarvis, William E. of Huntington and Velsor, M. Lizzie of Huntington, daughter of Alvin Velsor, married 6 October 1886 at Huntington by Rev. Stansbury and Rev. Gillies

Jaycox, Walter H. and Learning, Inez married 4 December 1890 by Rev. Colton; Oyster Bay item

Jefferson, Wilfred R. and Ostrander, Ethel married 5 January 1898 at Riverhead

Jenkins, William and Van Nostrand, Isabel married 24 May 1885 at Bayside

Jenkins, Samuel of Cold Spring and Cochrane, Mrs. Abigail of Brooklyn married 29 July 1880 at Huntington by Rev. M. C. B. Oakley

Jennings, Charles J. of Huntington and Warren, Edith H. of Brooklyn, daughter of Rev. George F. Warren, married 26 December 1895 at Brooklyn by Rev. George F. Warren

Jennings, James B. of Washington, D. C. and Blandford, Mollie of Washington, D. C. married 2 January 1895 at Washington, D. C. by Rev. Seymour of Washington, D. C. and Rev. Jennings of Huntington

Jennings, Oliver Ellsworth of Hempstead and Williamson Maria E. of Hempstead, daughter of Stephen Williamson, married 2 November 1881 at Hempstead

Jennings, P. R. of New York City and Asman, Marie Louise of West Islip married "last week"; 11 April 1884 paper

Jodry, George W. of Stony Brook and Nichols, Julia A. of Lake Grove married 5 June 1888 at Smithtown by Rev. Smith

Johnson, Albert and Tilly, Amanda married 15 March 1886 at Glen Cove by Rev. J. E. Williamson

Johnson, Charles A. formerly of Huntington and Young, Gertrude, daughter of Woolsey Young, married 24 April 1897 by Rev. Stephenson

Johnson, Frank A. of Huntington and Stanwood, Mamie E. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, daughter of Samuel Stanwood, married 2 January 1882 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Rev. Nye

Johnson, George [*?] and Smith, Ruth [*?] married 16 October 1878 at Huntington by Rev. J. H. Mc Coy

Johnson, Harry [*?] and Wood, Irene [*?] married 25 December 1878 at Huntington by Rev. J. H. Mc Coy

Johnson, Joseph M. of Brooklyn and Hegeman, Margaret L. of Baldwins married 9 June 1886 at Baldwins by Rev. J. T. Langlois of Brooklyn

Johnson, Peter and Hoffman, Katie married 24 November 1897 at Northport by Rev. Holden

Johnson, Samuel P. and Forest, Gertrude married 6 November 1887 at Northport by Rev. Stansbury

Johnston, William R. of Brooklyn and Fosdick, Henrietta of Brooklyn married 24 September 1900 at Northport by Rev. Lawrence

Jones, Alarcus of Cold Spring and Mahan, Ella Gertrude of Cold Spring married 15 January 1879 at Cold Spring by Rev. M. C. B. Oakley

Jones, David [*] of Huntington and Simons, Elsie [*] of Virginia married 19 May 1879 at Huntington by Rev. J. H. Mc Coy

Jones, Isaac E. of New York City and Nicolls, Niola B. of Smithtown married 21 November 1888 at Smithtown by Rev. Porter

Jones, John of Sea Cliff and Riley, Mattie of Glen Cove married "privately .... last spring"; Glen Cove item, 2 September 1899 paper

Jones, John H. of Cold Spring and Baker, Helen Folsom of Cold Spring, daughter of Rev. E. Folsom Baker, married 18 June 1890 at Cold Spring by Rev. E. F. Baker and Rev. Hovey

Jones, John Henry of New York City and Scudder, Nora Jarvis of Huntington, daughter of Henry G. Scudder, married 2 October 1879 at Huntington by Rev. N. Barrows

Jones, Joshua T. and La Bau, Miss married 16 June 1886 at New York City

Jones, Louis of Northport and Leet, Bernice S. of Houghton, New York, daughter of George P. Leet, married 9 September 1896 at Houghton, New York, by Rev. Schuman and Rev. Scrimshaw

Jones, Samuel Van Wyck of San Antonio, Texas, and Lawton, Anna of New Rochelle, New York, daughter of Cyrus Lawton, married 5 January 1882 at New Rochelle, New York

Jones, Samuel W. of Irapuato, Mexico, formerly of New York and Pont, Elena of Jalisco, Mexico, daughter of Pedro Pont, married 1 September 1892 in Mexico

Jones, Thomas B. of Northport and Stanton, Miss of Northport married 25 June 1885 at Oyster Bay

Jones, Thomas Floyd of Babylon and Bunn, Sarah Emma of Melville, daughter of Thomas Bunn, married 2 September 1900 at Melville by Rev. Schwarz

Jones, Townsend and Howard, Katharine, daughter of Rev. Robert T. Howard, married 30 April 1879 at St. John's Episcopal Church, Cold Spring Harbor, by Rev. Robert T. Howard and Rev. S. S. Stocking

Jones, William of Kansas City, Missouri, formerly of Woodbury and Dumont, Lucy of Bath-on-Hudson, New York, married at Bath-on-Hudson, New York; 31 January 1879 paper

Jones, William H. of Woodbury and Smith, Helen Agnes of Islip, daughter of C. E. Smith, married 21 January 1891 at Islip by Rev. Hill

Jospe, Theodore and un-named bride married 18 November 1894 at New York City; Hicksville item


Kane, William J. of New York City and Gardiner, Luella of Cold Spring, daughter of Townsend Gardiner, married 16 January 1884 at Cold Spring by Rev. F. A. Scofield

Kasten, Fred and Zenner, Freda married "the first of the week" at New York City; Hicksville item, 16 March 1895 paper
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Kasten, Frederick and Zeuner, Freda married 6 May 1895 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat
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Kasten, Joseph of Hicksville and Prigge, Lizzie of Hicksville married 17 May 1899 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

Kaufman, Charles W. and Dupries, Fannie of Bethpage married 9 November 1895 by Justice Ketcham; Farmingdale item

Kay, "excise commissioner" and un-named bride married 26 November 1890; Hicksville item

Kay, Dr. William of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Lowden, Mary; newly married couple visiting at Sea Cliff; Glen Cove item, 22 May 1897 paper

Kaylor, Wilbur of Cold Spring Harbor and Sammis, Eloise of Oyster Bay, daughter of Richard Sammis, married 6 June 1893 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Russell and Rev. Marsland

Kee[lb ?], Bernard J. of Jersey City, New Jersey, and Murray, Annie R. of Glen Cove married 9 September 1896 at Glen Cove by Rev. Mc Enroe

Keeler, Charles H. of Boston, Massachusetts, and Bunker, Emma J. of New York City married 10 June 1884 at Dix Hills by Rev. Barnhart

Keene, Foxhall and White, Mrs. Frank married 17 December 1892; Westbury item

Keene, William S. of Cold Spring Harbor and Adams, Libbie C. of Cold Spring Harbor married 25 November 1886 at Cold Spring Harbor by Rev. Shrive

Keiber, Paul of Huntington and Finn, Margaret of Huntington married 9 June 1887 at Huntington by Justice Hendrickson

Kellum, Charles of Huntington and Hubbs, Laura of Huntington married 21 October 1879 at Huntington

Kellum, Frank Thomas of Huntington married Bennett, Fannie E. of Huntington maeeied 10 September 1891 at Huntington by Rev. Putnam

Kellum, Fred D. of Oyster Bay and Sammis, Effie L. of Oyster Bay, daughter of Charles Sammis, married 23 May 1888 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Russell

Kelly, Charles of Lynchburg, Virginia, and Leonard, Rose Lena of Westbury married 2 February 1896 at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

Kelly, Thomas and Weber, Fannie married 16 April 1899 at East Northport by Justice Partridge

Kelly, Thomas T. and Eto, Ida married "recently" by Rev. Balden; Glen Cove item, 4 April 1896 paper

Kelmer, William of Port Jefferson and Hulse, Emily of Port Jefferson married 23 February 1890 at Port Jefferson by Rev. Sands

Kelsey, Arthur of Brooklyn and Jewett, Blanche of Sea Cliff, daughter of J. A. Jewett, married 6 June 1896 at Glen Cove by Rev. Groves

Kelsey, Frank E. of Huntington and Merrill, Eva H. of Huntington married 25 October 1882 at Greenlawn by Rev. Edward Brown

Kemble, Rudolph of Bethpage and Martens, Mathilde C. of Bethpage married 8 December 1895 by Rev. Gutweiler

Kennedy, Michael and Ward, Katie married 14 November 1887 at Oyster Bay by Rev. Geer

Kennedy, Thomas and Velsor, Lena, daughter of William Velsor, married 30 April 1895 by Rev. Washburn; Woodbury item

Kennedy, William and Essling, Hannah, daughter of Joseph Essling, married 26 December 1892 by Rev. Matschat; Hicksville item

Kenyon, W. W. of Smithtown and Banelle, Miss of New York City married at Grace Church, New York City; Smithtown item, 5 January 1900 paper

Kerbs, Emil C. of Hicksville and Nichols, Alice of Jericho, daughter of John Nichols, married 7 August 1892 at Jericho by Rev. Matschat

Kerle, John and Sauter, Pauline married 28 April 1890

Kernochan, James L., son of Mrs. James P. Kernochan, and Stevenson, Eloise married 28 January 1892; Hempstead item; wedding reception held 29 February 1892 at New York City

Kerr, Henry Duncan of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, formerly of Northport and Ackerly, Grace Elizabeth of Northport, daughter of N. S. Ackerly, married 12 November 1890 at Northport by Rev. Sanford and Rev. Galiaudet

Ketcham, Alva C. of Brooklyn and Bedell, Libbie of Hempstead married "last week" at Brooklyn by Rev. Frost; 2 July 1892 paper

Ketcham, Charles R. of Northport and Matthias, Nellie of Greenlawn married 28 October 1880 at Northport by Rev. T. C. Beech

Ketcham, Edward and Wanser, Elizabeth married 3 December 1878 at Amityville

Ketcham, Edward of Middlevile and Mohr, Ida of Bay Shore married 21 September 1889 at Northport by Rev. Stansbury

Ketcham, George of Northport and Olmstead, Belle of Northport married 12 April 1882 at Greenlawn by Rev. Brown

Ketcham, H. Sanford of Fresh Pond and Bryant, Alice I. of Comac married 6 March 1888 at Northport by Rev. Cleveland

Ketcham, Henry E. and Bryant, Minnie A., daughter of Mrs. Sarah M. Bryant, married 23 May 1883 at Northport by Rev. J. F. Shaw

Ketcham, Rev. Kneeland T. of Freeport, son of the late Zophar Ketcham, and Crane, Rita Eleanor of Boonton, New Jersey, married 8 October 1897 at Boonton, New Jersey

Ketcham, Lisle and Rable, Mamie married 15 April 1886 at Amityville

Ketcham, Oliver O. and Nostrand, Mrs. Martha married "recently"; Farmingdale item, 19 November 1887 paper

Ketcham, Townsend S. of Fresh Pond and Parrotte, Melissa L. of Northport, daughter of William E. Parrotte, married 6 April 1887 at Northport by Rev. Cleveland

Ketcham, Wallace of Farmingdale and Baldwin, Miss of Central Park, daughter of Elbert Baldwin, married 12 October 1894 at Central Park

Kilgour, David of Hicksville and "young lady" married 24 September 1892 at Brooklyn

King, Joseph Manuel and Ganby, Cordelia Elizabeth married 2 August 1887 at Brooklyn

King, Manuel of Brooklyn and Thompson, Hester A. of Huntington married 9 January 1879 at the M. E. Church, Huntington

Kinsella. Michael and Ryan, Mary married 24 August 1890 at Jersey City, New Jersey; Westbury item

Kioenne, Frederick of Hicksville, son of William Kioenne, and Reeder, Mary Elizabeth of Milltown, New Jersey, married 6 September 1891 at Milltown, New Jersey

Kirkland, Joseph of Deer Park and Wickes, Genevieve Beatrice of Brooklyn, daughter of George F. Wickes, married 29 November 1894 at Deer Park by Rev. Schwarz

Kissam, Augustine of Huntington and Adams, Sarah W. of Huntington, daughter of Isaac Adams, married 21 October 1880 at St. John's Episcopal Church, Huntington by Rev. Barrows

Kissam, Edward of Elizabeth, New Jersey, and Platt, May of New York City married 28 June 1893 at Huntington by Rev. Turner

Kissam, Elijah of Greenlawn and Mott, Emma C. of Centreport married 31 October 1880 at Huntington by Rev. W. W. Knox

Kissam, Elliott and Beatty, Hattie married "a few days ago"; Greenlawn item, 30 January 1897 paper

Kissam, Eugene P. and Chesley, E. B. married 22 December 1898 at Oyster Bay

Kissam, William of Greenlawn and Burr, Nettie L. of Commack, daughter of George W. Burr, married 12 June 1895 at Commack by Rev. Dalziel

Klause, John of Hicksville and Heintz, Katrina of Brooklyn married at East Meadow by Rev. Matschat; 28 June 1890 paper

Kline, Louis of Hicksville and Bau, Anna married "recently" at New York City; Hicksville item, 10 October 1896 paper

Klugg, Frank Joseph and Klauss, Bertha married 13 May 1888 at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

Knuffing, John of Westbury and Briggs, Barbara J. of Brooklyn married 7 October 1894 at Holy Trinity R. C. Church, Brooklyn by Rev. Saunders

Koehler, Charles and Verity, Olma of Central Park married 26 December 1885 by Rev. Gutweiler; Hicksville item

Koenig, Adolph of Greenpoint and Bochert, Catherine of Greenpoint married 30 June 1889 at Hicksville by Rev. Fuchs

Koerner, Gustav of Brooklyn and Schumaker, Mary of Huntington, daughter of John Schumacher, married 20 February 1889 by Rev. Strodoch

Kopetshinny, Fred and Duryea, Myra, daughter of Henry T. Duryea, married 4 August 1895 at New York City by Rev. Dr. Houghton

Kopp, Joseph S. and Fisher, Laura, daughter of W. E. Fisher, married 26 September 1894 at Sea Cliff by Rev. Charles T. Wilson

Kortwright, Dr. James L. of Brooklyn and Mc Dougall, Alice of Brooklyn, daughter of Hugh Mc Dougall, married 19 April 1887 at Brooklyn

Kosel, L. O. of Uniondale and Grandeman, Frederika of Brooklyn married 17 April 1892

Koster, Adolph Jansen of New York City and Zeuner, Mary of Hicksville, daughter of Henry Zeuner, married 26 November 1896 at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

Kraft, Henry H. and Elliott, Susie Ann married 25 December 1890

Kramer, Edward and Brengel, Katherine married 25 December 1895 at Hicksville by Rev. Gutweiler

Kramer, Louis and Nostrand, Etta married "recently"; Farmingdale item; 27 October 1888 paper

Kremp, Louis of Plain View and Luhring, Dora of Brooklyn married 25 October 1896 at Hicksville by Rev. Matschat

Kritter, William of Brooklyn and Trembly, Susie of Amityville married 28 April 1886

Krummenacker, Nicholas and Oswald, Maggie married 17 February 1890 at Foster's Meadow

Kurt, Samuel and Martin, Alice married 2 August 1890